Varoom Ads - CommuterBoards

Target market city, neighborhoods and demographics.

Pick demographics and vehicle makes/models, with customizable travel zones.

Target key demographics

Triple Your ROI
with CommuterBoards

Reach consumers on freeways, in neighborhoods, and where they play

Communicate on the back window

Why Varoom Ads?

Varoom Ads Inc. is an emerging media specializing in OOH advertising called CommuterBoards™.

We provide our advertisers with an opportunity to capture the buying power of the daily commuter. We do this by placing advertisements on the back window of autos, SUVs, trucks and vans.

Unique. Powerful. Directed.

CommuterBoards™ are unique, consumer powerful and result directed.

CommuterBoards™ have the reach and penetration to deliver your message like no other outdoor signs. You can build a powerful and successful campaign starting with 25 CommuterBoards™ or be spectacular with 1000.


Immediate Results

  • People average 15 hours a week in their car
  • They drive over 500 miles per week
  • Outdoor ads have 97% ad recall
  • 62% of people buy within one hour from exposure to outdoor ads.
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